Wheal Animation

Centreless Hollow Wheel Drive System

A drive unit consists of an electrically powered motor connected to a right-angle drive into the centreless wheel. The drive unit is placed within the chassis to allow for steering and suspension. Within the hollow part of the wheel is fitted an electrically driven lift rotor. Because of advancement of technologies the steering, suspension, braking (ALL ELECTRIC) etc. can all be within the drive system therefore no conventional engine required – 4 drive-systems per vehicle.

Wheal Animation

Productiv’s rapid response brings unique centreless wheel drive system to Advanced Engineering 2019

A novel centreless wheel drive system with multiple potential applications is to be showcased at the Advanced Engineering event in Birmingham from 30-31 October, thanks to Coventry-based venture engineering specialist Productiv.

Productiv has created a working prototype of Cyclopic’s revolutionary patented Wheal system, which combines drive, steering, braking and operating height adjustment in a single unit.

Each Wheal is fitted with its own separate drive system, giving complete 360-degree manoeuvrability – allowing for easy parallel parking, and so creating a ready solution for urban zone parking. In combination with road reading technology, the Wheal also delivers a unique vehicle levelling capability with no need for additional fluid power systems for levelling.

In just 13 weeks, Productiv created a complete working aluminium prototype for the show, from the Cyclopic team’s own prototype, as well as optimising the electronics and control software.

Alan Rallings, Director of Cyclopic, commented: “Uniquely combining operating vehicle height, drive, steering and braking in a single unit, the Wheal has multiple applications, not least in electric vehicles and other mobility solutions.  The Productiv team did an exceptional job in creating a completely operational model with full control system, in such a short period, once we knew we were given the opportunity to showcase the Wheal at the Advanced Engineering event. We anticipate strong interest from many sectors given the flexibility and capability of the Wheal.”

Matt Hardwick of Productiv added: “This was a genuine challenge which showcases the unique capabilities of Productiv in having design, prototyping and systems engineering all under one roof. The Wheal is a highly novel design which is versatile enough to be used in both on-road applications, such as delivery vehicles, and other applications such as warehouse robots.”