The first spokeless folding bike on the market

Neatly tuck Cyclopic into it’s bag and roll-away

This light-weight and portable design has telescopic handles – foldable wheels
Without a chain or grease it is the innovative bike of the future

This concept is developed from newly patented technology

Using the latest advancements in bearings and Aither solid tyres

The Cyclopic

The drums are rolling…

We are ready to manufacture

The Cyclopic – A Revolutionary Adult Electric Commuter Bike. Cyclopic will be one of the most compact, light and easy-fold E- bike on the market. The folding design allows the back wheel, saddle, pedals etc. to fit inside the front centreless wheel – Folding dimension 180 mm width.

Unique features :

  • A roll along bike in a Bag.
  • Spoke-less wheel concept
  • E-Bike Engineering
  • Clean Cycling – No chain/No oil or grease
  • Strong aluminium frame
  • High Quality – Tannus solid tyres – no punctures