The E-Cyclopic folding bike will be the most compact on the market. An ideal solution for commuters, it fits in a bag that will roll along. It also has a large leisure bike market as four Cyclopics fit into the boot of a car. This creates a bike that is ideal for a family day out: no bike racks are required.

The folding bike is a stackable product which reduces the space required to stock the bike and again provides opportunity to promote multi journey use. Ideally storing in the car for that First mile – Last mile. This unique folding bike has a sealed unit: no chain – solid tyres – no grease, providing a clean, efficient ride. When you arrive at the office it can be stored under a desk. It is perfect for city/student lifestyle as it is easy to store in a small bedroom, resulting in excellent bike security.

** The E-Cyclopic is still at a prototyping stage and some technical details such as dimensions and product weight may vary from the final design.


Easily stored :

  • Overhead rack – Train/Bus
  • Carry on the Tube
  • 4 Cyclopics fit in the boot of an average car
  • Store under a desk!
  • Cyclopic is Stackable
  • Great for storing and easy for shop display and retailing
  • Competitive RRP

Because the Cyclopic uses newly patented technology limited images are available until the launch date has been announced!

Progress and Updates will be posted on this website throughout its production.

Watch out for Cyclopic on-line Pre-Order… one of the first customers to own this High tech…game-changing E- Bike!