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Revolutionising The Wheel

The Future of Mobility

The Next Generation

EV Platform


Autonomous Pods



Last mile


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Our ground-breaking modular EV platform technology is designed with adaptability on Size & Form, giving our customers a new type of transport with flexibility, tailored to meet their everyday needs.

Offering a range of modular platforms from Class 1 - 6 vehicles to alternative mobility solutions, providing space saving interiors, with the ability to carry more passengers and products.

The entire future of the mobility market is changing.

The global demand to build vehicles faster, more efficiently, with larger capacity is greater than ever” 

Our Electric Drive System Technology

Our platform incorporates 4 identical drive units. A drive unit consists of an electrically powered motor connecting to a

right- angled drive into the centreless wheel. The drive unit is integrated into the modular platform to allow:

Drive | Steering | Suspension | Braking

All electric, reducing un-sprung weight.

The hollow part of the wheel is fitted with an electrically driven lift rotor, allowing our revolutionary technology to incorporate all drive applications within one unit.

The conventional engine is no longer required!

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Height Adjustment & Parallel Parking Platform

Our unique wheel with height adjustment features enables

ground level to 4x4 greatest ground clearance as no axle required. 

With full manoeuvrability and diverse wheel rotation, our drive system aids parallel drive and parallel parking

the solutions to all parking problems!

Key attributes include:

Electric Height Adjustment      

Parallel Parking

Vehicle Levelling 

Safety Ditch System      

Kerbside Delivery              

  • Supporting delivery logistics and limited mobility users

Copyright 2024 © by Cyclopic Ltd. All rights reserved. 

Our Vision

Revolutionising the future automotive and mobility market, bringing Modular EV platform technology faster to market, with design flexibility, for a fraction of the cost.

Enhancing zero carbon emissions - The Future.

Cyclopic Drive System

Power Electronics 

Cyclopic Drive System

Drive Module 

Tyre & Rim 

Wire - race 


Pinion & 

Ring Gear

Lift Module 

Brake Calliper 

90 Right Angle Drive 

Steer Module 

Electric Passive 


Chassis Mount 

Copyright 2024 © by Cyclopic Ltd. All rights reserved. 

Our Unique Features

Decentralised Control Image

Decentralised Control

Each drive unit will be autonomous, with all software housed directly within the drive system. 

Increased Vehicle Stability

Increased Vehicle Stability

Decentralised wheel enable increases in stability/balancing

Increased Accessibility

Increased Accessibility

Height adjustment and kerbside delivery supporting mobility solutions for users with limited ability and delivery logistics.

Wheel Manoeuvrability

Wheel Manoeuvrability

Parallel parking feature: solution to parking issues. Ideal for urban

E-Concept vehicles. 

Increased Storage Capacity

Increased Storage Capacity

Important to haulage and passenger applications. 

Induction Charging

Induction Charging 

Height adjustment enables standard induction charging and close proximity with ground- based charging pod.

Wheel Control

Complete Freedom

Compact drive unit and flat platform allows flexibility and freedom for any body design. 

Lower Vehicle Weight

Lower Vehicle Weight

4 drive units remove the need for an axle and engine and will reduce power consumptions and unsprung weight.

Chassis platform

Cyclopic’s Next Generation Products

In Development 


Autonomous Pod           

Cyclopic are combining their smart technologies to create the next generation of sustainable Autonomous PODs.

Our electric pod will include all Cyclopic’s unique platform features, offering a flexible interior meeting mobility solutions. Reducing carbon emissions, enable people to get around without a car, reduce their carbon footprint and improving quality of life.


Delivery Robot      

With a combination of the latest mobile and engineering technologies, the autonomous delivery robots appetite is growing fast across all markets.

With Cyclopic’s innovative technology including:

height adjustment, parallel manoeuvre and kerbside delivery - make US your first choice for a faster, smarter and cost-efficient next generation Robot!


Multi Purpose UAV 

The Cyclopic UAV is a multipurpose vehicle with unmanned aerial systems which will have extended mission duration by operating on the ground for periods of time.

Click here to find out more...

The core technologies will be: 

  • Sensors and Sensing

  • Thinking and Cognition

  • Actuation and Mobility

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Core Technology Transfer

With the growing demand for new technologies and for low-cost sustainable transport. 

Our adaptable Core Technology can be integrated into many mobility solutions and product applications:


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Mobility Scooter

Untitled design-155.png


Untitled design-154.png


Landing Gear 

Untitled design-160.png


Untitled design-156.png


Untitled design-158.png

Many More

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Awards & Recognition

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