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Taking Intra-city transportation next level.


Urban air mobility such as electric

take-off and landing vehicles (eVTOL) are due to take to the skies by the

mid-2020s, creating a billion-pound market size.

Designed to carry passengers or ship light cargo, the urban air mobility industry is set to change the future of flying in the coming years. 



Our technology aims to open future cities
and people from lost transit time and space and allow them to gain
more value in their lives.


Above & Beyond

Inventory application


Designed to 

meet demands


The drive system consists of an electric powered motor connected to a right-angled drive into the centreless wheel, this gives space for mounting UAV motor and propellers. The drive system is placed within a chassis/frame to allow for drive, steering and suspension. It produces zero carbon emissions and complies with government policies and plans.   

Within the hollow part of the wheel is fitted an electrically driven lift rotor. Enabling the centreless wheel to operate.

  • Unique height adjustment feature - 0 ground level to 4x4 greatest ground clearance.  

  • 360 degrees wheel manoeuvrability - parallel drive. 

  • Advanced levelling of the wheel: negotiates obstacles vehicle remains level 

The drive unit would transform from a X/Y axis to Z axis for the UAV to operate. Having a unit compromising of all the required parts makes it a compact and unique space saving design and providing a platform to perform at all operations. 

All Terrain

Cyclopter can transform its movement from fly mode to drive mode . It also runs on flat surfaces and all terrains. Cyclopter's ability to change from UAS to UGV will help reach (enabling battery charging) extending battery life for longer flights and operations. 

The compact UAS will have the ability to operate under a vehicle, in a confined space, at low level. The unique height adjustment of the electric drive-system will keep the vehicle level in all types of terrain aiding variation in traction and elevation.  

The Cyclopter will operate efficiently in a high-obstacle environment because of its multi operational ability, e.g. surveillance confined space with the ability to deploy rapid flight mode if required. 


Fly - Drive - Swim

Multi-purpose UAV with 3 functions creates less storage compact device that operates in air/ground/marine environment. The light agile U-MPV provides an integrated design; centreless wheel for drive provides casing for the rotors.

This multi-function capacity helps with light -weighting. Less storage required with the U-MPV as the vehicle can cover air, ground and marine applications. 

The added marine application adds an important benefit over existing low cost UAS/UGV. The rotors operate as propellers giving an unmanned surface vehicle - (USV) capability (water-borne). Covered propellers are also favourable on operations; less likely to get caught-up

-less maintenance . Covered propellers are safer.  


Cyclopter operates safely in
high-obstacle environments
because of the compact
and versatile design.


Reach - Cyclopter offers
ability to operate in a
physically restrained
environment due to
multi-operational ability.


Cyclopter provides good function over extreme & diverse terrain with wheel manoeuvrability. Providing a unique levelling function to keep the vehicle

level at all times.


Exchange replacement system - Hybrid system enabling

re-charge in ground operations.


Variable salinity - Cyclopter
functions with variable
salinity. All high-grade


GPS denied environments -
Pre-programmed facility
providing accurate mapping
response to provide operation
in a GPS denied environment.


Water dynamics (such as
currents and visibility) - with
the USV application Cyclopter
operates seamlessly within
water dynamics.


High dynamic range illumination including changes to UV and night vision. SOTA range illumination provides changes to UV/ night vision along with the latest

sensory equipment.

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